ArnzenGroup coaches Executives to

  • Create and communicate a compelling vision for their team and organization
  • Ensure the execution of new growth strategies
  • Lead the organization through significant changes
  • Handle difficult personnel issues and conflicts within the executive team
  • Manage their relationship with the Board
  • Build more collaborative peer relationships
  • Maintain personal resilience, discipline and effectiveness
  • Reduce ‘time to effectiveness’ in a new role and with a new team
  • Navigate significant career transitions
  • Address a ‘derailing’ behavior
  • Prepare for future assignments
  • Develop a more engaging and focused leadership style

ArnzenGroup uses a systematic and flexible approach to coaching using this framework.


Identify Needs, Objectives, and Outcomes
Contract Goals, Approach, and Timeframe
Establish Trust Relationship

Data Gathering

Conduct Executive Assessment
360 Feedback
Create Development Plan


Develop New Perspectives
Practice New Behaviors
Reinforce Strengths


Plan for the
Long Term
Close or Re-Contract

Case Examples

Realigning an organization and its strategy

The CEO of a manufacturing company faces major market and competitive forces, requiring a complete rethink of the company’s strategy and organization. ArnzenGroup helps the CEO craft a new strategic vision, and coaches him to engage his corporate leadership team to align and execute the strategy. The company is transformed into a growth-oriented, customer-focused organization, with the CEO confident in his ability to divest major areas of the company to reinvest for growth.

Overcoming career obstacles

The CFO of a large IT company aspires to become the CEO. Assessment and 360 feedback data clarifies his difficulties working with peers and corporate officers, due to his critical style and lack of collaborative skills. ArnzenGroup helps the CFO develop alternative strategies and tools to apply to future situations. His increased self-insight into the impact of his behavior results in significant progress in his relationships with peers and improved results. He is currently on the CEO succession plan.

Addressing a derailing behavior

A results oriented, high potential manager at a biotech company needs to increase relationship management abilities to move to the next level. ArnzenGroup conducts interviews and 360 degree feedback to enable the manager to understand the limitations of his abrasive style. The manager works to integrate specific skills, reducing his competitive approach. He is subsequently promoted.

Demonstrating readiness for a significant career move

A Divisional VP is being considered as a candidate to become a COO and possibly the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. A series of assessments and 360 feedback helps ArnzenGroup clarify his aspirations, and create a platform for demonstrating strategic thinking and working across organizational boundaries. The VP was subsequently selected as the COO, and has since become CEO.

Adapting to a new, enlarged role

A director of a small services company is promoted to VP in a large and diverse manufacturing organization. ArnzenGroup helps the executive to get clear on his new responsibilities, and connect with his new team. The executive quickly establishes his priorities, and an effective working relationship with his new team.

Managing a career transition

A senior executive’s role is eliminated and he leaves the company to find a new job. ArnzenGroup provides weekly one-on-one conversations to cope with the emotional upheaval and create a rational plan to find a new job that fits with his long-term career goals. The executive quickly secures a new position in line with his career and family aspirations.

Finding a career niche

An invaluable scientific leader, the Chief Scientific Officer at a biotech, is experiencing difficulty managing his team. ArnzenGroup’s coaching helps him understand and accept that fundamentally, he is better suited to a high-level individual contributor role. ArnzenGroup helps the CEO create a viable Chief Technology Officer position, and successfully manage the leader into that role.

Learning to lead an organization

An executive at an energy company is challenged in engaging colleagues to build effective working relationships, and in developing his team. A combination of 360 feedback, focused skills development and strategies for particular relationships and interactions result in increased effectiveness in both areas. The executive is acknowledged by the CEO as a role model of people and organizational leadership within the company.

Engaging the Board on the future of the company

A CEO needs to engage the Board with a compelling vision and business strategy. ArnzenGroup conducts a 360 feedback process and coaches the CEO on specific skills and techniques for engaging the Board. The CEO gets approval to raise funds for new product development.